About Us

Best Customer ServiceJust as every small business depends on trusted accountants and attorneys to help protect their business interests, as well as become more efficient and more profitable, your company can depend on Sierra Network Services to assist with your firm’s network and computer systems.

SNS is ready to help you keep your computer systems performing at the top level. We offer extremely quick response times for all of your small business computer and network consulting needs.

Whether your organization’s network is getting ready to install its first server or your firm has several servers, SNS can make a real difference. Our focus is squarely on Microsoft-based solutions. SNS has the experience to support your small business throughout the Tuolumne and Calaveras County areas.

With 16 years of experience, SNS has a strong understanding of how small businesses operate and, more importantly, how critical uptime has become in virtually every small business. Taking a personal approach has been the key to maintaining client relationships for more than 16 years.

Sierra Network Services is dedicated to helping you and your staff focus on the primary purpose of your business while we keep your network running smoothly. We make customer service our top priority.

Our customer base is centered around:

  • Home Businesses (SOHO’s)
  • Private Home Networks
  • Wire or Wireless Network Setup
  • Troubleshooting Network Problems
  • Small Business or Government Departments
  • Networks Using Microsoft Servers or Operating Systems
  • PC’s Using the Microsoft Operating Systems